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  • 17 Jan

    Burns Buffet Recipe Ideas

    Posted by Team Macsween

    The traditional Burns Supper is a classic, but we know that there’s more than one way to celebrate the bard. So if you fancy celebrating Burns Night in a more informal style, we’ve put together the perfect blend of recipes to host your very own ‘Burns Buffet’ this year.


    Vegetarian Haggis Sausage Rolls with Firecracker Sauce

    Poems like ‘To a Mouse’ show that the bard was a man who appreciated the humble things in life and sought to elevate them to greatness. We may not be able to do that via verse the way the great man himself could, but we have tried to take that understated buffet-regular, the sausage roll, and raise it to a new level. We’re confident that both you and your guests will be delighted with the result!

    These sausage rolls made with our vegetarian haggis go wonderfully with the spicy firecracker sauce.

    Gluten Free Haggis Larb Lettuce Cups

    You don’t need a roll to scoop up these delicious Asian-inspired haggis treats, a lettuce leaf does the job perfectly and elegantly. Lemongrass, chilli, garlic and lime all contribute to a taste bud-titillating combo.

    We’re sure that your guests will be happy to tak’ a cup o’ Larb throughout the evening.


    Wee Beasties of the Glen

    At only 20 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking time, these crispy haggis balls pack a flavoursome punch for relatively little effort. You can either use coarse oatmeal or Japanese panko breadcrumbs to coat them, whichever you prefer. Perfect for serving with your favourite dip!

    It turns out that sometimes the great chieftain can be just as tasty when served as a wee beastie.

    Baby Burns

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Burns Night without haggis, neeps and tatties being brought together in some way. Filling baby potatoes with a little haggis and neeps makes for a super cute canapé that will definitely get your guests talking.


    We hope that these recipe ideas have given you a little inspiration for your plans. However you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a great Burns Night.