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  • 17 Jan

    Burns Buffet Recipe Ideas

    Posted by Team Macsween
    The traditional Burns Supper is a classic, but we know that there’s more than one way to celebrate the bard. So if you fancy celebrating Burns Night in a more informal style, we’ve put together the perfect blend of recipes to host your very own ‘Burns Buffet’.
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  • 14 Dec

    Festive Recipes

    Posted by Team Macsween
    Haggis is hugely versatile dish, and at Macsween we love trying new ways to cook with it. This year, over the festive period, we’ve been looking at how we can break with tradition and work haggis in to our Christmas and New Year menus.
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  • 4 Jul

    Celebrating this 4th July

    Posted by Team Macsween
    Why not join in the celebrations this 4th July with Macsweens chipotle vegetarian haggis nachos.
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