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  • 13 Oct

    Chocolate week with a twist

    Posted by Team Macsween


    Our chocolate week offering is a unique twist on the usual sweet, sugary overload. Feast your eyes, and taste buds on our wonderfully wicked Chocolate and Chilli Black Pudding, a decadent delight of earthy cocoa and rich spice which you can now buy online.


    We encourage you to get creative with this exquisite ingredient, team Macsween have been experimenting with its versatility in both sweet and savoury recipes. It works wonderfully with beetroot, try a Chocolate and Chilli Black Pudding and Beetroot brownie or the Chocolate and Chilli Black Pudding and Beetroot tart seen above (find the recipe for this on our website). Another favourite recipe to elevate your weekend breakfast to gourmet heaven is Chocolate and Chilli Black Pudding served with a poached egg and fried potato, a fave of James Macsween. We look forward to hearing about your tasty creations.