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  • 5 Nov

    Goodbye Cockroach Pie

    Posted by Team Macsween

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    This week sees the launch of 'Goodbye Cockroach Pie' an eccentric and humorous cookbook, featuring 50 brilliant student friendly recipes from Edinburgh and beyond. The book is edited by Rosanna Kelly and Casilda Grigg, who first faced a saucepan as Edinburgh undergrad students in the Eighties, and have been cooking fearlessly ever since. The book showcases recipes from students past and present, including our very own Jo Macsween, and gives hints and tips on how to save money, cut corners and eat healthily.

    We caught up with Rosanna over a plate of rather delicious chocolate brownies.

    What made you produce the new recipe book? And how did the partnership with Casilda Grigg come about?
    The book is not entirely new. I first had the idea with my friend, Scottish law student Gail Hallyburton, in 1985.  Then last year I found it in the attic and decided that the time had come to bring it up to date and launch it on the world. Casilda is the former Food and Drinks editor of the Telegraph, and we had been students together in Edinburgh. I asked her to supper one evening, to taste a Chickpea curry I was testing. She liked it and things developed from there.

    What was your inspiration for the recipes in the book and how did you go about creating them?
    The recipes have been supplied by students past and present from many different universities.  We asked them to suggest dishes that were not too difficult or expensive to make.  We tested the recipes together and did some careful editing. For example, instead of old-fashioned baked beans on toast we have a recipe for Snazzy Beans on Toast using broad beans.

    I know you are a fan of Macsween haggis and I wondered what your favourite haggis recipe is?
    There is nothing to beat the traditional recipe for Haggis Neeps and Tatties which Jo Macsween kindly contributed to the book.   It's a brilliant mixture of tastes and very comforting in winter.

    What is your signature dish for cooking for friends?
    Fish pie.

    What's your idea of foodie heaven?
    These yummy Chocolate brownies made by my cousin Annie.

    Your recipe book is called 'Goodbye Cockroach Pie'.  What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
    A salted dried Russian fish called Vobla on a boat going down the Volga in Russia from Saratov to Astrakhan.

    Goodbye Cockroach Pie is on sale now at £9.99. Buy a copy here

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