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  • 27 Mar

    Sports Relief Mile

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Hamish, Morag and Fast Angus had a brilliant day out on Sunday, joining the sizeable crowd of people at the Sport Relief event in Biggar, lapping up the South Lanarkshire sunshine, even if they were out lapped a few times!

    With a huge thank you to all who helped and the 200 runners who took part at Biggar Rugby Club.


    Whether sporty, silly, epic or eccentric, we are itching to know what you did for Sport Relief.  Send and share your snaps.  Did you wear or spot any good costumes doing the Mile? Facebook or Twitter


    Get Set and Go!

    The Start


    Taking a few hugs along the way!

    Dads on the run

    High Fives - Dad's Aprons


    Hitching a lift


    Luscious surfing lady and Marathon haggis Nigel


    The final furlong

    The Finish

    Piped at the post by the surfing mermaid!

    Hamish Did It

    Made it to the end!