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  • 16 Mar

    Mothers Day

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Save your pennies, hold the over-priced restaurant booking and get cooking at home…

    Black Pudding Benidict Black pudding roll

    Spoiling your Mum on Mother's Day needn't involve an expensive lunch in an overbooked restaurant.
    A bit like Valentine's Day, I can't help thinking that this is one of the worst days of the year to  contemplate such a gesture - a bit like buying roses from a garage forecourt around the 14th February.

    Think back to when you were young and you brought home your first art works, baking or Blue Peter inspired craft works.  I am not sure the current school timetable even makes time for baking these days, but I certainly recall the day in Primary 5 when I was finally let loose in the home economics class with the redoubtable Mrs Robertson to make rock cakes.  Rock by name, rock hard by nature - it mattered not to my Mum.  The fact I had made them for her meant more than any amount of money I could have spent on her.  And many years later as I help her move house, I see that amongst her most treasured possessions are the old shoe boxes of hand-made cards and pictures we made for her and she has lovingly kept.

    The best part of any giving is the thought behind it, not the price tag.
    So, this Sunday, why not treat your mother to a special breakfast at home and use some of our really simple breakfast recipe ideas.  They all take less than 20  minutes - many only 10 -which gives you lots of time to lavish attention on your Mum and reminisce about your childhood artworks.

    Treat her to a delicious breakfast this Sunday. Try making black pudding Eggs Benedict, bacon and black pudding roll or a delicious combination of vegetarian haggis, mushrooms and roasted vine  tomatoes.

    What was the first present you ever made for your Mum?