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  • 17 Apr

    Be an Easter Haggis Feaster!

    Posted by Team Macsween

    The Easter weekend is a great time to get together with friends or family for a special meal. And we do mean a special meal, not just filling up on chocolate eggs! We know that sometimes it can be hard to plan the perfect menu though. After all, you want to be able to strike that ideal balance between offering traditional, comforting flavours and yet still coming up with new ways to present them that can really surprise and delight your guests.

    Well, this Easter, we’re taking any of that worry off your plate - and putting some delicious recipes on there instead. We’ve put our heads together and have come up with a three-course feast that we’re confident will lead to full tummies and even fuller smiles.

    Easter Starter: The Macsween Plant Pot


    Spring is here and it’s a time when there are green shoots everywhere you look - including on your dining table if you opt for this delicious, quirky and eye-catching dish. For The Macsween Plant Pot we’ve taken classic flavour combinations - haggis, mushrooms and whisky - and found a new way to combine them. Our Macsween haggis is layered with a whisky and mushroom parfait, then garnished with pickled baby root vegetables and chopped herb leafs.

    The result is a surprisingly light and refreshing starter that your guests will start to eat with their eyes before they’ve even reached for their cutlery. And once they have reached for their cutlery? Don’t worry, it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

    Easter Main: Salt-Baked Highland Leg of Lamb with Macsween Haggis Stuffing

    Every fantastic feast deserves needs a showstopper of a main course and our Salt-Baked Highland Leg of Lamb with Macsween Haggis Stuffing will definitely have all eyes on it when you bring it to the table. The rosemary in the salt bake crust adds to the wonderfully aromatic nature of the dish, while that method of cooking ensures the meat is deliciously succulent.  

    Easter Sweet Treat: Hot Cross Buns with Haggis Jam & Drunken Whisky Raisins

    After that lamb dish, your guests may need a little persuading that they still have any room left. You’ll find that their doubts evaporate when they’re told what’s next on the menu though. Just when you thought we’d run out of new ways to work with Scotland’s national dish, we’re about to shock you. No Easter weekend can be complete without experiencing our recipe for Hot Cross Buns with Haggis Jam & Drunken Whisky Raisins. We guarantee it will get friends and family talking, just as soon as they’ve stopped focusing all of their attention on munching!

    Wishing you a Happy Easter from all at Macsween

    We’d like to wish you a very Happy Easter from all at Macsween and we hope that our recipes will help add to a great weekend for you and all your loved ones.