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  • 22 Dec

    Macsween Has Now Arrived in Canada & Singapore

    Posted by Team Macsween

    We have now arrived in Canada and Singapore, this is a huge pioneering moment for Macsween to be leading the way and expanding internationally within this competitive market. This is the first shipment of haggis to Canada in 49 years and Singapore in 21 years. We have been working away on a new development of our traditional haggis that just is just as delicious and we are delighted we are now successfully able to share it.

    We’re sure that they’ll be many ex-pats Scots and Canadians that will be looking forward to Scotland’s national dish this Burns night.

    James Macsween says, “This is a huge milestone for Macsween to be expanding internationally and leading the way in an increasingly competitive market. My grandfather, Charlie, would be very proud to see how far we’ve come from his original butcher’s shop in Bruntsfield, which he opened back in 1953.”

    Here are the main distributors so far:  









    * If you are unable to find our products on their website please contact the distributors directly for more information.