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  • 6 Mar

    Craft Beer and Haggis Evening - 27 March

    Posted by Team Macsween


    We think beer and haggis is a match made in heaven, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Stewart Brewing for an evening of eating and drinking.

    We’ll get you started with some beers, then one of the expert brewers’ will take you on a tour where you will get to see some of their awesome brewing kit! You can pick their brain about the monstrous subject of brewing science and gain insights into the creative process of designing beer recipes and flavours.

    Back in the bar you’ll be joined by our very own James Macsween, who will transform you into a haggis aficionado. You’ll sample some of our wonderful haggis flavours including our gourmet Special Edition range, then we’ll serve up lots of lovely haggis canapés and pair them with more of the Stewart Brewing beers. What’s not to love!

    The event starts at 7pm

    Tickets can be purchased here