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  • 2 Sep

    Jo Macsween sits down with haggis fan Karen Donaldson to discuss the changes at Macsween

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Macsween's New Delicious Every Day Range


    Firstly give us a little introduction to Macsween

    It is our aim to provide you, our consumers, with great-tasting food that is versatile, convenient and going to make your lives easier and more enjoyable.

    As a haggis ambassador I am passionate about introducing the wonderful flavours of haggis to people who have yet to discover that this great dish is very easy to cook and can be enjoyed throughout the year in so many different ways.


    Macsween is evolving, what is happening?

    We have organised our foods into ranges, designed specifically around how they will be used and cooked, in order to give you a choice as to which range you buy and to maximise convenience and versatility.

    • The Delicious Every Day Range is easy to use, convenient to cook with and perfect for a weeknight dinner.
    • The In a Hurry Range cooks in just 60/90 seconds and is perfect for a swift snack.
    • The Traditional range is for your haggis traditionalist, perfect for celebrations or ceremonial use for addressing at Burns Night functions.

    The award-winning recipes have not changed however; the food inside the packaging is still the same. Hand-made with great care, using the best ingredients and our unique family recipes.


    Why is this happening?

    We spend many hours (and invest quite a lot of money!) in speaking to consumers, like yourself, to find out more about your needs and desires surrounding food and shopping. One of the things that we have learned is that in this busy world you are looking for interesting dishes that are easy and quick to prepare.

    We were told that Macsween has an excellence reputation and that our products taste great; however, there were some things that were making it harder to use them in every day cooking and throughout the year. We took feedback from a range of people in order to update our products so that they were meeting different needs.


    Where is this happening?

    The Delicious Every Day and In a Hurry ranges, which are easy to cook with and perfect for year round eating occasions are stocked in all the major supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Booths, Waitrose) whilst the traditional range can be found in butchers shops, delis and online from our website and will also make an appearance, particularly the larger sizes, in the supermarkets between November and February.