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  • 21 Sep

    The Saviour of Students

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Freshers week is now behind us, lifelong friends have been made, and the mandatory foam parties or 80's theme nights have subsided. As the dust settles, students across the land will begin to realise that, whilst there is a time & a place for noodles in a pot, they cannot be eaten every day until Christmas.

    Fear not!!

    Macsween Microwave in Seconds range will help you survive the three years of mayhem, this 'hasty tasty' star of budget cooking is the same original award-winning recipe cooked by mum, no additions, no subtractions - only faster, thanks to some clever packaging.

    Black pudding micromicro tradVegetarian micro

    Great for all times of day, for a quick feed, ready in a jiffy. Stick it in a bun, on a baked potato, bung it on some nachos to share with friends or even add to a salad for the health conscious student.


    Check out the website for tons of quick & easy recipes that will keep brains working and hangovers at bay.

    Mums & Dad's listen up! The Macsween Microwave in Seconds can travel for three days out of the fridge, and is small and light enough to make the perfect care package component.

    Here at Team Macsween we like to feel that we are doing our bit to nurture the doctors and lawyers of tomorrow.

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