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  • 25 May

    Macsween wins a food "Oscar"

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Leading food brand Macsween of Edinburgh has won an award for its microwaveable traditional '60 seconds' haggis and black pudding range, now available in many supermarkets across the UK.  Judges of the prestigious Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards 2012, praised the traditional '60 seconds' haggis and '90 second' black pudding product, recognising Macsween's ability to preserve the integrity and quality of iconic foodstuffs while introducing them to significant numbers of new consumers.


    We are delighted to be recognised in this way.  Maintaining the tradition and authenticity of haggis and black pudding while innovating with new products, presents challenges.  However, we felt there was a way to serve a new generation of consumers, while remaining true to our core values.  Our microwaveable haggis and black pudding are doing just this, using modern packaging technology to deliver a more conveniently packaged product.

    James and Jo with the award

    The judges, experienced food and drink professionals, praised the 'unique product' concluding that Macsween 'really knows and understands its customer'.


    The judges also praised the company's approach to new product development, where ongoing research showed that there was a latent consumer demand for a 'convenience' version of a traditional and vegetarian haggis, resulting in the '60 seconds' microwaveable range.  This encouraged the company to revisit its existing and well respected black pudding formula, developed by the current Directors' grandfather.  Over a period of months many new formulations were tested, conversations were held with existing and potential customers and tastings were organised with selected social media followers.   The result is very much a Macsween black pudding, but one that is tasty and lightly textured and perfect for the 'health conscious black pudding traditionalist'.

    Excellence Award 2012

    Macsween's marketing strategy was described as 'market leading and innovative', including social media engagement, use of online video and experiential marketing to bring in new consumers.  The company continues to innovate around its product range as well as in relation to employee development and sustainability.

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