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  • 13 Dec

    It's all About Us

    Posted by Team Macsween


    Here at Macsween we like to share, so we've been working on a new segment for our website, all 'About Us'.

    In these new pages you'll find an interactive timeline, where you can learn about our rich family history, dating right back to the 1950's when our grandfather first opened a little butcher's shop in Edinburgh's Bruntsfield. Scroll through the years and see some of the milestones that shaped the company. Visit Our Timeline


    On the 'Macsween Marvel' page you can meet some of our hardworking team who contribute to the businesses success and learn about the different jobs which are involved in producing the world's best haggis! Visit the Macsween Marvel page

    We get a chance to boast about our achievements on the 'Why Macsween is magnificent' page, where you can check out some of the awards that we have won and learn about the key characteristics that make our products particularly special. Visit the Why Macsween is Magnificent page


    As you'll probably know, Macsween are very proud to be a family run business, with three generations of passionate haggis-markers, each honouring values of quality, sustainability and customer focus. On the new 'Macsween Family' page you can meet each generation and learn about the contributions they made to the development of the company.Visit the Macsween Family page                                

    The new 'Sustainability' page is incredibly important to us, because here you can learn about our commitment to being a socially responsible company. In this section you can download our annual sustainability reports, in which we share and report our environmental performance, employee and community engagement.Visit the Sustainability page


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