Where to buy Macsween haggis


Macsween products can be purchased from some of the UK's largest supermarkets. All year round in Scotland and seasonally in England. Macsween products are also available from butcher shops and independent retailers on your local high street.

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Our products delivered direct to your door. There is a delivery fee but our products can be frozen for up to 6 months so this is a good excuse to stock up.

www.haggisuk.co.uk www.keevilandkeevil.co.uk

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There are Macsween fans all around the globe, so how do you get a hold of our products if you don’t live in the UK? Sadly there are restrictions in certain countries about importing fresh food products. As a general rule, you are permitted to take haggis into other EU member states. For any other country, it is best to check online about local import restrictions, especially for the USA, Australia, Japan and China. Happily, we are now available to buy in Canada and Singapore! Click on the links below to find your local distributor.

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