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  • 29 May

    Haggis and the Street Food Sensation

    Posted by Team Macsween

    Deeneys 25 CropToday's guest blog comes from street food entrepreneur Carol Deeney, who tells us how haggis helped to transform her life:

    After my third summer in London, stuck in a stuffy office, I decided to take the plunge, leaving the security of my job in advertising for an adventure into the world of street food.

    The prospect of being able to feed the hungry masses delicious food on a daily basis really excited me and it is a great starting point for anyone wanting to pursue a career in food. It was the ideal solution to begin my food dream.

    Inspired by my mother's recipes, picked up as a young girl working in her cafe in Morayshire, I realised that Scotland was the major influence in most of my creations. Thus 'Deeney's - Scottish Flavour' was born.

    Deeneys MACBETHHigh Res 4 CropThe Macbeth, our haggis toastie, is made using Macsween haggis with Scottish cheddar, homemade caramelised onions, mustard and rocket, melted together between granary bread. The initial response was fantastic and The Macbeth soon became our hero product.

    The veggie version, The Lady Macbeth, came a week later, to satisfy vegetarians and those curious about haggis but too sheepish to try the meaty version.

    I spend a large portion of the day explaining what haggis is, and dispelling all sorts of strange tales; "Haggis? Isn't that sheep brains!? Yuk!" exclaimed one American.

    We do attract a fair amount of Scottish custom, but all nationalities seem to have some link to Scotland and love the opportunity to try haggis again or take the plunge for the first time.

    The business has grown at a fantastic rate over the eight months we've been open and we are ordering almost ten times as much haggis as we used to!

    I'm starting to diversify into more outdoor catering using fine Scottish ingredients, but haggis is our main focal point. Whether it's straight up haggis, neeps & tatties for a ceilidh or a delicate haggis canapé for a wedding, I am starting to develop more and more dishes to offer our clients.

    Haggis has got us a long way already, with more exploration and recipe creation, who knows what we might see on the menu next!

    Catch Deeney's at Greenwich Market on Tuesdays to Thursday's; Broadway Market on Saturday's, Chatsworth Road Market on Sunday's.

    To find out more about Deeneys visit www.deeneys.com

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