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  • 20 May

    Inspired by National Vegetarian Week?

    Posted by Team Macsween

    “Stuff me?” 


    Looking for something a bit more interesting to try for #NationalVegetarianWeek?

    If you are a committed vegetarian or perhaps just going #meatfree for the week, we’re sure you’ll love our tasty Macsween Vegetarian haggis as a substitute for Quorn or mince.  What could be simpler than a quick, grilled veggie haggis stuffed peppers recipe?


    Serves 4 

    454g Macsween Delicious Every Day vegetarian haggis

    4 red or yellow peppers, halved and deseeded (leave stalks on)

    50g grated cheddar, crumbled feta or halloumi


    1. Cook the Macsween vegetarian haggis according to the instructions on the pack.
    2. Meanwhile, place the pepper halves under a medium grill, with the outside facing up, for a few minutes, until they have softened and are beginning to char.
    3. Remove the peppers from the grill, turn over and fill with the hot vegetarian haggis.
    4. Sprinkle the cheese on top and place back under the grill for a further 5 minutes until the cheese is bubbling.


    This is delicious as a hearty #veggieweek meal – the Macsween Vegetarian haggis is spicy, peppery and filling and the sunflower and pumpkin seeds give this dish a really nice crunch.  Macsween Vegetarian haggis is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike and is approved by the Vegetarian Society. 


    "Fancy that?"


    Want to impress your friends with a special vegetarian dinner this weekend for #nvw15? 

    Why not try our Macsween Moroccan Spiced Vegetarian Empenadas recipe idea? It has a sweet, spiced depth, with fragrant apricots, prunes, ginger and lime.  


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