100% Landfill Free

Using pioneering technologies to convert waste into sustainable energy, in early 2013 we achieved our goal of recycling 100% of our waste, becoming among the first in Scotland to achieve this milestone. Having increased solid waste recycling to 90% between 2005 and 2010 we have been exploring ways to recycle the remaining 10%. The solution lay in a partnership with the William Tracey Group, who have championed the process of creating Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).


Since 1953, when Charles Macsween opened his butchers shop in Edinburgh, two succeeding generations have moved the business from retailing high quality meat products into an internationally recognised manufacturer of haggis and black pudding. As the third generation of the Macsween family to run the firm, my sister, Jo and I are proud of the tradition, commitment to excellence and innovation demonstrated by our grandparents and our parents, John and Kate.

Deciding What's Important

Three generations have lived and breathed product quality and customer service, which has made Macsween the UK’s leading high street haggis brand. This passion for perfection means long hours engaging with employees, customers and consumers, quality control, refining production processes, consulting with our suppliers and devising innovative and successful marketing campaigns. All of this, plus our own family values, means that we have a very clear view of what is important, not only to our company, but to the wider community.

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